About SAMI

 At SAMI we focus on the individual. ALL the teachers at SAMI are passionate about teaching. Everyone takes pride in their work.

No one can guarantee a career in music, but we create a platform for networking and students interact with industry people on a regular basis. We also have a good track record of referrals to the music industry.

The concept of the school is to prepare students for the working music industry, time is often a commodity most students don't have, therefore all our courses are based on an accelerated learning process. Two 3ds of the time is spent mastering technique on the instrument during the last 3 terms. The course material consists of a lot of practical sessions from the 2nd term on. Each instrument has its challenges to master and students should realize it takes hard work to achieve.  A rehearsal schedule of 4 hours is compulsory during the first term and then 6-8 hours from the second term onwards.

We specialize in light music: Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Metal, etc. All these styles are vital to develop your progress as a working musician. We recommend you should not focus on just one Style but equip yourself over all genres.

Each style represents a discipline like: Blues- soulful Improv, Jazz- cutting edge music theory, Funk- Rhythm etc. To be able to re-invent yourself is our focus, should the current music scene change.