A fun filled experience! Through this program we cater for the serious musician as well as the explorer, for all the different levels of muso's. It is jam packed with topic sessions as well as leisure time.  Jam sessions are also incoroporated around a campfire and at the end of the weekend, you walk away with awesome tricks up your sleeve.  Each group is taught by an experienced lecturer, and the aim is for each level of musician to walk away with new chops and to be streched to the next level.

The dates are scheduled during the holiday season for all to be able to attend.

Watch the social network updates for dates!!!! Not to be missed!

Camp Rock: All the Tricks of the traid at your fingertips

Camp Blues: Soulful and playing from the heart, filled with your favourite licks

Camp Shred: Shred, Shred, shred!!! With the best of best lecturers in this field.

Camp Classic: We aim at supporting less privileged students from disadvantaged communities. Sponsoring camps and showcasing through concerts.  All instruments may join in.  Book your slot!